Monsoon Heritage Studio : Established in Goa 2000 Yahel Chirinian Creates new Art, Installation Works and Designs

for Open Environments / Urban Oasis / Domestic Temples / Living Spaces
/ Ambient Experiences / Contemporary Sanctuaries

It’s about our Life

Sculptures and Installation Works

Warning !

this is not an ordinary creations this is a truly extraordinary combination of «made in passion» creativity, traditional materials, meticulous production and the unrivalled energy resulting from reflections and light. for over the years, yahel chirinian has created «art pieces to inspired and create experience”. their secret lies in the alchemy of a two-fold passion: creating using subtle gestures using traditional tools, refined details… and improvisation., and the creation of a timeless style vision between cutting edge, elegance and provocation, yahel chirinian art pieces are instantly recognizable. describing the style, the words “daring”, “fascinating”, “mystical”, spring to mind. their sheen, beauty and powerful impact remain unaltered thanks to special finishing properties.

Yahel Chirinian